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RV Warranty for Motorhomes and Boats - Worthy of Consideration?

Is it worth the extra money spent to purchase an RV warranty or extended RV Warranty for your motorhome, yacht or boat? People buy recreational vehicles every day, and many do not always put in the extra time, care, and consideration of what an rv warranty paperworkRV warranty can do for the lifetime of their motorhome or boat. Buyers spend hours upon hours searching through newspaper and across the internet in search for the perfect recreational vehicle. Buyers also take the time to research the lowest RV finance rate, and then the time filled with wise decision making during the loan application process. Why don’t RVers also take the needed time to research and analyze the positives vs. negatives of purchasing a warranty for their new motorhome or boat?

If a newly purchased RV has been previously owned, the RV warranty will most likely be held under the state of purchase’s implied warranty law. This type of RV warranty is limited to the condition of the used RV or boat at the moment of purchase. Oftentimes when purchasing or financing a used motorhome or boat, an inspector is sent to assess the RV. This assessment will determine the cost of the RV Warranty.

Otherwise, when a new RV or boat is purchased, the warranty is decided upon pre-sale by the actual recreational vehicle manufacturer. The manufacturer of each type, design, and style of motor home (Class A, B, or C, Holiday Rambler, Fifth Wheel, etc.) or boat (yacht, sail boat, motor boat, ski boat, etc.) will have its own rules and regulations of warranty.

An RV by definition is a “motorized or towable vehicle that combines transportation and temporary living quarters for travel, recreation, and camping” (Websters Online Dictionary). An RV is generally purchased for those living in it to travel and experience life out on the road among fellow RVers. A warranty is a safety measure, and a reassurance to those traveling or living in the recreational vehicle that their time will not be spent in on the side of the road or even in a road side shop.

When the buyer chooses to buy the motorhome or boat warranty, he/she should take some time and read the guide book carefully. Oftentimes, an RV warranty will require the buyer to conduct routine maintenance check-ups at an accredited location (although this should be done anyhow for obvious safety reasons). There will be specific maintenance issues the buyer will be in charge of servicing (i.e. oil changes at an appropriate mileage point), and specific maintenance issues the manufacturer is responsible for (i.e. free tire changes for the first three years).

The most common reason RVers depend on a warranty for their recreational vehicle is that it can also provide services of safety and comfort in this home away from home. For example, in the event of a mechanical breakdown, if the RV is under warranty, there might be rental car reimbursement, or highway assistance, or even travel expenses. Outside of the warranty for the recreational vehicle itself, there will be amenity warranties to be read as well. Just as the appliances in one’s home can malfunction and breakdown, so can those built cozily into a motor home. The bottom line regarding a motor home warranty is they are offered to the buyer for a reason. A home owner will buy home insurance, maybe fire insurance, maybe even flood insurance with no questions asked. Therefore, an RVer should pay attention, asses the budget, and make the safest, wisest decision for everyone involved.

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