RV Financing

Concerned About Getting An RV Loan?

young rv loan familyAre you concerned about getting an RV loan? Is it going to have payments that are reasonable? How long will you be paying on the loan? What if your credit isn’t perfect? How much can you borrow? There is nothing wrong with asking these types of questions to any lender that you are considering for your financing. In fact, most lenders will be happy to answer any questions that you have about getting an RV loan-but you need to have the ability to interpret their answers and find the best deal for you, your budget and your lifestyle.

Because people who take out loans on their recreational vehicles are some of the most likely not to default on their loans, lenders are very willing to give loans to RV buyers. There are even companies that deal specifically with this type of loan, as opposed to traditional lenders like banks or credit unions.

One of the first things that you should do when you are looking at an RV loan is to use an RV financing calculator. You can find these online and they are an extremely useful tool to figure out how much RV you can afford and to estimate your monthly payments. You simply enter the amount that you want to finance (the out of pocket cost for your new or used RV,) and then enter the interest rate and the length of financing. Within seconds you will have an estimated monthly payment on your RV loan. If it is perfect, then you are ready to start shopping for a loan. If not, then you can change the numbers until it is perfect.

Deciding on where you get your RV loan is extremely important. It can make the difference of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. One thing to consider is how much you will need to borrow. Some companies offer loans as small as $10,000, while others have higher minimums. Do you have a trade or down payment? Make sure that you figure that into your RV loan amount. You can get an idea of how much your trade is worth by looking at an RV blue book.

Interest rates on loans for new and used RVs are generally low. This is because of the fact that was mentioned earlier that an RV loan has a very low rate of default. Lenders want to attract this type of customer, because they trust them to pay off the loan. Rates for used recreational vehicle loans are slightly higher than for a new RV, and if you have good credit your rates on your RV loan will be lower than if you have not so perfect credit.

One of the most important things you can do when looking for RV financing is to get pre-approval for your loan. This is true for any major purchase for which you must get a loan. Not only does this give you an exact amount on your RV loan to work with, it also signals to the dealer that you are a good credit risk and that you have done your homework. If you do your pre-approval online it will take a very short time and you can have your answer within a few hours to a few days time.

Buying an RV, whether it is a travel trailer or a full size motor coach can be a rewarding experience. There is a reason that RV’s are becoming more popular among all age groups and family sizes. RV travel can be relaxing and you never have to leave the “comforts” of home behind.

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